Rutas de aventura


The geography of the country with mountains of more than 4000 m, kilometric natural beaches open to the ocean, the constant trade winds, the pleasant temperatures and the incredible landscapes make Morocco an ideal place for hiking, trekking, surfing, climbing, cycling and crowds of sports and adventure activities. 



High Atlas

Alto atlas


Spectacular, rugged and with few vegetation, these mountains are characterized by their deep gorges and flat peaks. Mount Tubqal is the highest mountain in North Africa with 4167 m of altitude. You can access it from Imlil, at an hour and a half away from Marrakech.

The Valley of Bougames, is one of the most authentic and best preserved places in the High Atlas, with about thirty small towns where the passage of time is barely noticeable, most of its inhabitants live by agriculture, pastoralism and in the last years with tourism.

The Ighil Mgoun, is a long and monotonous ridge that extends parallel to the Bougamés Valley, it is composed by several peaks that are distinguished from the distance, it is difficult to identified the highest one, Oumsoud with 4,068 m. maximum height of the Central High Atlas.


Middle Atlas (Ifrane, Azrou, Midelt)


Lago Dayet


At few hundred kilometers in the south of Fez we find the middle Atlas, a unique environment of cedar forests and winding mountains that offer us the opportunity to ski, trek, observe wildlife and perform other outdoor adventure activities. The Ifrane National Park is a protected area in the middle Atlas. It has an area of ​​500 square kilometers. The Ifrane National Park is one of the few remaining habitats for the Barbary monkey and is practically covered with cedar forests. This Barbary monkey is a prehistoric primate that survives as an endangered species in strictly restricted and fragmented habitats.




With its lunar landscape, Antitlas is one of the most rewarding excursions. Still relatively remote the wide desolate and stony plateaus impress, furrowed by deep canyons that hide palm groves and oases of greenness that seem impossible in the middle of so much desolation; its bare mountains tattooed with multiple layers that show its geological history; the sharp ridges of the imposing granite massif of Jbel Lekst and the valleys below; the hills with their terraces for the cultivation of cereal, speckled with almonds and arganes.

Rif´s mountain range



Despite not having a good reputation, the Rif has magnificent peaks, mountains, gorges and valleys, as well as large extensions of cedar and spruce forests populated by Berberia monkeys.

It is a chain of mountains that runs parallel to the Mediterranean with same origin as the Betic ranges (alpine folding). The Rif reaches heights above 2,500 m in its central part and has numerous peaks over one thousand five hundred meters.

This area of ​​Morocco offers to the travelers to live unforgettable experience discovering landscapes and villages.



The Atlantic coast, with more than 1800 km offers, one of the best destinations for surfing. Lonely beaches, excellent weather and the best waves await you.

Imsouane together with Essaouira, Safi, Taghazoute and Sidi Kaouki are the best known places for surfing and kitesurfing on the Moroccan Atlantic coast.

Surf en dromedario

Sidi Kaouki is one of those wild places that you find if you go all over this coast. A long beach of fine sand where surf lovers enjoy a virgin territory with just half a dozen hippie restaurants and hotels.



Morocco is also an international climbing destination. An example is the Todra gorge or the oasis of Taghia, a circus with limestone walls of up to 800 meters, each one more spectacular.