Morocco is a multi-ethnic groups country with a rich culture and civilization. Along its history, it has received visitors that have impacted in its social structure from the east (Phoenicians, Jews and Arabs), the south (Moors and inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa) and the north (Romans and Vandals.

The cultural, historical, artistic and scientific heritage of Morocco is shown in the large number of museums.

Museo Fez


  • Dar Batha Museum

Hyspanic-Arabic palace with traditional art collections from Fez. Carved woods, zellij, wrought iron, sculpted plaster, embroidery, carpets, jewelry and coins.

The pottery room has the most beautiful Moroccan ceramics: the famous "Blue of Fez", whose color is obtained from cobalt. Arabic astronomy and jewelry instruments.

  • Weapons Museum - Borj Nord

Ancient fort of the 16th century, transformed into a weapons museum. The collections of rare pieces manifest the splendor of the objects and the evolution of the techniques through all civilizations.

  • Museum of wood arts


  • Dar Jamaï Museum

Built in 1882, the palace Dar el Jamaï luxuriously decorated in the style of the upper middle class of the late nineteenth century, exhibits carpets, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, traditional fabrics, embroidery, paintings on Wood, chests, panels.



  • Museum of Earth Sciences

The 150-million-year-old sauropod dinosaur skeleton from the Azilal region in the High Atlas is the most famous discovery.

  • Postal Museum

Exhibitions of rare stamps, old telephones and telegraphs.

  • Archeological Museum

Human vestiges from the Paleolithic

  • Oudaias Museum

Jewelry, Rugs, Ceramics, Music Instruments


  • Marrakech Museum

Ancient palace Dar Mnebhi Palace, built at the end of the s. XIX, authentic jewel of Moroccan architecture. It has permanent collections and holds temporary exhibitions.

  • Dar Si Said Museum

Anthology of traditional craftwork: Carpets, weapons, embossed copper crafts, cedar wood doors, costumes and jewelry.

  • Majorelle Museum

It owes his fame to his wonderful garden with yucca and bamboo plants, his collection of Islamic Art and the paintings depicting landscapes of the French artist Jacques Majorelle who lived in Marrakech from 1922 to 1965.

  • Bert Flint Museum

Collection of art and popular traditions from the Valley of the Sous and from Sahara gathered by the Dutch art


  • Archeological Museum

Located in the center of Tetuan offers a collection of pieces from the excavations of northern Morocco such as pottery, amphoras, mosaics, inscriptions, architecture, ancient coins, prehistoric tools of stone and bones, remains of fauna, etc.


  • Ethnographic Museum

Weapons, embroidery, musical instruments, crockery, clothes and popular art from the north area.


  • Old American Legation Museum

This fascinating museum is a treasure of Tanger and Morocco history.

  • Musée d'art Contemporain

  • Musée des Antiquites


  • Musée Archéologique


  • Sidi Mohamed Ben Abbey Museum

Old house of the Pacha, is the museum of the Regional Musical Arts: Documents and string instruments decorated with marquetry and ethnographic collections.


  • Bee Museum

Honey museum of the Souss region.

  • Bert Flint Museum

Collection of art and popular traditions of the Sous Valley and the Sahara gathered by the Dutch art historian Bert Flint.


More information: Ministere des Affaisr Culturelles