We invite you to discover a land of contrasts where the mountains, the sea and the desert offer simple and sublime landscapes and the bright night skies invite you to dream.

From the dunes of the Sahara to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco is a paradise for the traveler. The exotic door of Africa is covered with idyllic landscapes, like its carpets of colorful designs.




Choosing the destinations to visit will not be an easy task, you will have to decide between climbing the highest peak in North Africa, enjoying its natural parks, walking in a dromedary, buying in the souks of cities or getting lost in its medinas.

Imperial cities such Fez, religious, cultural and intellectual capital, the cosmopolitan Casablanca, the visited Marrakech, Meknes, listed as a world heritage site, and Rabat, capital of the kingdom and mixture of tradition and modernity, deserve a stop on your route to enjoy its museums, medinas, architecture, gastronomy and above all, of course its people.

Other less majestic cities and towns, but not for that less charming are the bohemian Essauira, called the pearl of the Atlantic, with its marine flavor. Chefchauen, a kingdom of blue and white streets, were you get lost in its seven-door labyrinth, able of moving to another time and disrupting your rhythm, in which hurry does not exist and they say it kills. Other cities as Asilah, Tanger or Ifrane offer us the opportunity to enjoy and lose ourselves more peacefully in souks and medinas.

In the south of Morocco you can find steep coasts, waterfalls and caves in forested hills, paradisiacal beaches and the imposing desert, a varied territory that shapes the dreams of the visitor, but also shapes the lives of Berbers, Arabs and Sahrawis.

But the real secret to know Morocco is to dedicate enough time to watch life go by with the local people.

We offer you to travel with us, the local guides, so that Morocco can get to you in the first person.