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We are a family cooperative with nomadic originthat have been dedicated to tourism for several years.

When I was a child, my parents left the nomadic life in the desert to school my brothers and me. Our livelihood until then was grazing, moving from one place to another searching food for the animals.

To adapt to the sedentary life in Merzouga, we tamed our dromedaries and dedicated ourselves to the transfer through the dunes of Erg Chebbi of the tourists and travelers that visit the desert.

This activity gave us the opportunity to interact with people from other countries, open our minds and learn languages.

I worked for several years in hotels in the area and the last ones I have dedicated to being a driver-guide working as a freelance for different companies.

My passion is my country, the desert my home and I enjoy showing it to the world.

We work for a sustainable and responsible tourism, with a fair price-quality ratio for all and with the objective that all the benefits are invested in the area, without intermediary companies  and corporations.

We know that for travelers it is important to know the reality of the country, mix with locals, taste the cuisine and find those hidden corners that are engraved in your memory.

For us, it is essential to design a trip that suits you, to make it an unforgettable experience and to earn a place in your memory, and why not, in your heart.

I will personally answer your emails and with our team we will design the best trip for you. Some of my companions or I personally will accompany you in your adventure.

We are waiting you.

Assou Anaam


Team members

Assou Anaam: Manager, coordinator and guide

  • Contact: 00212 659 316 262
  • Adress: Anasi extensión du gran groupe 104 entre 9 nº99 Bernoussi, 20380 Casablanca, Morocco

Ainara Lecumberri Operations interlocutor and marketing management

Said Anaam: Conducting guide

Ayoub Ousgin: Conducting guide

Achraf Anaam: Accommodation management

Zahra Anaam: Service infrastructure