In your adventure through Morocco there are six experiences that should not be missed: 


  • A sunrise in the desert
  • A long and peaceful walk through one of the wonderful beaches of the Atlantic coast
  • A night evoking the Arabian nights in a typical riad
  • A day of shopping in the medina
  • A visit to a Hamman
  • A walk through the Atlas

The truth is that if I had to dispense one of them I would not know which one ... even if they are completely different; these experiences will give you the essence of Morocco. If you don´t have time and you have to give up any of them, do not worry ... I'm sure you will repeat to complete the list!

A sunrise in the desert


Erg Chebbi in Merzouga, is a piece of the Sahara that will remain forever in your memory. A magical place made up of golden dunes that go throughout the day depending on the angle in which the sun's rays incidents, from yellow to orange, passing through an infinity of tonalities. But the desert is not just dunes, it is a kilometer extension dotted with small villages, lonely acacias and oasis of palm trees that makes you travel to another world.

The silence, the stars, the energy, the authenticity of their people, the isolation of the place, the immensity, the arid landscape, its extension, see a horizon practically as distant as in the sea, the way of life of its inhabitants and of course, the nomads, I could not tell you exactly, but there is something in this place that stops time and only matters the here and now. If you take here long enough you will understand in all its magnitude the meaning of living anchored to the ground. 

One night in a camp in the dunes, after a dromedary ride, with fire, drums and the moon, will be something to remember, but not the only one, because the landscapes that you will enjoy until you get here make all the curves of the world (that there are) are worthwhile.

Beaches of the Atlantic coast


A quiet stroll along one of the kilometric virgin beaches of the Atlantic coast will make "virgin beach" take on new meaning in your mind.

One night in a Riad


The riads are typical accommodations placed in the the medinas. Ancient palaces recovered with great pleasure, like small charm hotels. They are cheaper than the hotels and with much more history and character.

These houses are built around a small garden and I would say that they are the origin of what in Spain we call houses with an Andalusian gardens.

Its terraces are perfect places to have breakfast or to relax after a busy day of visiting the medina, having a tea and enjoying the sound of the birds. They are oasis in the labyrinthine and busy medina.

They are usually managed by families; many of them have small hammams and the option to have dinner in them. They will make you feel like in the tales of the Arabian Nights.

Souks and medinas


It is not going to be everything quiet, calm, stars, walks and relax ... we are in Morocco!
Walk around and get lost in the medinas, bargain, sellers offering you everything, conversations with strangers, have a tea in the back room ... they are all experiences that you cannot stop living here.

Relax, enjoy it, let yourself go, put a price on your head to what you want to buy, invest time in getting a fair price and have fun interacting with the locals, it is a fundamental part of the country that you have to live.

The Moroccan craftsmanship is wonderful: pots, jewels, handkerchiefs and turbans, djellaba, carpets, spices, medicinal herbs and essences, argan and roses oil, baskets, furniture, copper, fossils, minerals, henna tattoos ... You will find real jewels and you will want take it all!
Of course the medinas are perfect places to enjoy Moroccan cuisine. But this deserves a separate chapter ...



The hamman or Arabian bath is a little more than a heaven experience for someone who has not been before, and if you think I'm exaggerating, tell me about it.

Let them wash you, rub you, throw hot water buckets, massage and pamper you is a real pleasure. You come from lighter, as if the glove had been part of the load that went with you, and the smile and brightness make it compensate the investment of a private hamman. Totally recommendable.

And if you are lucky to have someone with you to a public hamman (we can help you) ... do not hesitate! Especially if you are a woman. See the Moroccan women uninhibited, relaxed, on their land and away from the presence and gaze of men will make you see them in a completely different way.

Of course you can go without a guide, do it yourself imitating those around you, it will not be the same but the laughts is guaranteed. Here you can as well hire the services of the staff of the public hamman.

The Atlas


It crosses the country from north to south, its highest peak has more than 4000m and the road crosses it from a passes with more than 2000m. You have to cross it if you want to get to the desert, so take the opportunity, stop along the way, get off the car, stretch your legs, put on your boots and take a walk.

Choose the valley you want from the Atlas or the anti-Atlas and take a trip through space. I guess we'll have to thank to the cinema but sure it is not far from reality, you'll feel that you're on the moon, Mars or Jupiter.

If you have more time and you are use to go the mountain, there are lost valleys and isolated villages that are worth investing one or two days in visiting.

Make your list of essentials, choose the places you want to visit, tell us the days you have and we will design the route together!