Is Morocco safe for women travelers? Going with an open mind you will not have any problem. Going alone or with friends gives you the opportunity to live adventures and very funny situations and approach people in a different way. The Moroccans are very hospitable people and if you go alone they will offer you help and company in more than one things.

Like many other countries there will be things that you like, others that not so much and others in which you strongly disagree, but responsible and sustainable tourism, is based on three fundamental pillars that are environmental respect, respect for local cultures and a better distribution of income.

Morocco is not a country free of controversy, but the objective of this article is not to criticize the remarkable and palpable gender inequality that exists in it, but to answer a simple question:

Is Morocco safe for traveler women?

First we should ask ourselves what is security:

Be robbed? Personally, a few years ago, my wallet was stolen in Vienna, one of the safest cities in Europe and therefore I imagine that of the world and in another trip the bag in Paris. So we could say that Morocco is as safe as any European city in that respect. You have to be careful in the crowds and do not neglect your wallet or mobile. Let's act with common sense.

Be raped? oru kidnapped? I do not know anyone who has happened  and I do not think it's something that happens in the usual way. But go, I think that unfortunately happens in all countries of the world and is a risk that women run even without leving home. We go that as everywhere you have to be careful where you get, we'll have to use your common sense again.

In recent years tourism is very careful and as you will notice, the foreigners call a lot of attention. Be sure that there are always eyes watching you, and surely some of them watching over you.

There is a great cultural difference. Moroccans are very open and very hospitable people, and they are also much more passionate, proud and less rational. That is to say, you will receive what you give, they are not complacent, nor do they revere the tourist simply because they are so. If you treat them with education and respect you will receive the same, if you do it with disdain or contempt, do not doubt that they will jack in you in a minute.

There are a few blogs through the network of girls in Morocco and the truth is that they all have funny stories. The experience of traveling alone or in a group of girls takes you to different situations, hesitations, laughter and unexpected plans, very funny if you know how to handle it. And if you're considering going alone, I do not doubt that you will.

Regarding how to go dressed my recommendation is that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable physically and mentally. If you want to reclaim and carry more daring things you wont have problem. You will  be probably the focus regardless of your look. In big cities you can wear miniskirts, shorts, suspenders or whatever you want, but honestly everyone will be more comfortable with a shirt and pants or a skirt a little longer.

Tourism is their way of life, and they are merchants, sellers and they love bargaining. Do not expect to go through a souk without dozens of men come to sell something or try to connect with you or both. Honestly, if you do not want people to approach you, men will piropean you and invite you to have tea, Morocco is not your destination.

And finally do not miss the opportunity to relate with moroccon women, it's a real pleasure. Especially with the youngest ones, who can be seen enjoying talking with us and for us it is also a joy to have a relaxed and calm talk with them. They are curious and intelligent, an oasis in the desert.

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