gluten free


Morocco is not an easy country for celiacs, but this happens in many of the countries that you surely want to go to and gluten does not have to make you stay at home.

It helps a lot to carry the card that explains celiac disease in the language of the country.

An example of the traditional Moroccan dishes that you can eat are the following:

  • The traditional Moroccan salad: Tomato, pepper, onion, olives and may have cucumber. The dressing in principle is oil, salt and lemon juice.
  • The Berber omelette: onion, pumpkin, red pepper, eggs, cumin, parsley, mint, sometimes flour and yeast.
  • Tajine: chicken with vegetables, lemon chicken. Lamb, veal ... It is a dish that carries spices, fruits and nuts.
  • Kefta is a minced meat preparation similar to meatballs. beef or lamb mixed with spices and accompanied with potatoes, rice, salad ...
  • Meat skewers
  • Djej Emshmel It is a chicken seasoned with lemon, olives, pepper and garlic.

In the restaurants you can find grilled chicken, grilled fish, rice, tortillas and salads.

Always keep in mind that in the country are not very put on the subject with what is impossible to guarantee the absence of traces.

In Marrakech: of course you should not miss the Jamaa el Fnaa stalls. Celiacs can eat skewers of meat, vegetables, juices.


jemaa el fna


You can find gluten-free products in large areas of new areas of the cities.


For rural zones we recommend you take with you some reinforcement such as bread, cookies or bars.

You can find restaurants and supermarkets specialized in the most touristic and developed areas, as well as in large areas.

There are many forums and blogs about it that you can consult before the trip. We will make things easier for you as much as possible.