You will show them that there are other ways of life different from yours, at the same time that they will create unforgettable memories and give you the opportunity to get closer to the reality of the country.

Morocco is not a country with public infrastructures of parks and swings or activities for children as we can find in Europe. But in return we can offer amazing things such as snake charmers, dromedary rides, green areas with swamps in the rugged mountains of the Rif, snow and monkeys in Ifrane, deserts and waterfalls, Roman ruins, medinas full of colors and aromas, means of transport picturesque and impressive beaches.

The choice of the hotel will also be very important as we can compensate them with a great pool or an afternoon of games after a hard day of wandering around and visiting museums or a long car ride along winding roads.

The recommendations to travel to Morocco with children are the same precautions that we must take anywhere else, and almost all are dictated by common sense. For example not to lose sight of them or to take them by the hand in places with a lot of agglomeration or medinas and souks where they can get lost easily.

Traveling with children, we must adapt the route and destinations to their needs according to their age. The best destination is without a doubt the south of the country. The ride on the back of a dromedary and play with the sand or practice "dunaboard" will be an adventure.

Another thing that will catch their attention is the cultural shock and way of life. People very different from those who are used to, people dressed differently, carts in the streets and children taking care of the animals or loaded with bales will attract their attention. We will have the opportunity to show our children that there are very different ways of life, that they are privileged to be born where they have been and that they can be happy with much less.

We can take advantage of while entertaining them to awaken their curiosity for other cultures by telling them stories and making them part of the trip.

Do not be afraid and let them mark his limits when relating to others. There is nothing more enriching than the cultural contrast and surely they have far fewer pre-judgments than we do.

Con niños

Depending on the type of trip we choose we will have to carry sleeping bags, although this option is not necessary if we stay in hotels, riads, kasbahs, haimas and rural houses.

The children will make us closer to the people since they will awaken curiosity and will approach them giving us the opportunity to live the country closer.

Health insurance

It is advisable to take out travel health insurance.

In the cities there are better or worse hospitals at reasonable prices, and private clinics better equipped but also much more expensive. In rural regions we will only have dispensaries with health personnel for emergencies.


Paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamine, antibacterial or disinfectant hand soap, bandages, gauze, plasters, tweezers, insect repellent, ointment to relieve stings, oral rehydration solution, sunscreen, etc. In summary the classics for any trip. Although in small villages we will find pharmacies in case of a hurry.


The food in Morocco is fabulous, but even if the child eats ok, we recommendo to carry reinforcements such as nuts or cookies (in the supermarkets we can find everything). The food is spicy and children may not be used to it, but the Moroccan diet is very varied and you will have many options to choose from. On the coast, you can have delicious fish and seafood at a very affordable price. The breakfasts are unforgettable and the juices are freshly squeezed fantastic. In tourist areas we will find restaurants with international food.

Morocco with children but without one of the parents

Something that happens more and more often. In this case, it is better to carry the family book, even if it is with passports and if one of the parents travels with them we will not have any problems.


The night and daytime temperatures are extreme, so we will have to wear long trousers and a sweater, as well as comfortable walking shoes.

Car chair

Our vehicles have a child seat, you just have to tell us the ages of the children. For the case of car rentals or motorhomes check prices, sometimes it is worth bringing it since it can cost more than the rent itself. Consult us and we will advise you about it.

Take a toy from home that they always like and ...


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