Hotel tanger


In Morocco we have a wide range of accommodation for all kinds of tastes and pockets. From 50 dirhams (5 euros) a day in very touristy cities and without any luxury or comfort to the most exclusive hotels and accommodations you can imagine.

We propose a serie of options that you can combine as you prefer to fully enjoy the experience we plan together.



Riad Marrakech


The riads are undoubtedly the most typical and representative lodging for Moroccan tourism. These are traditional Andalusian houses that were part of palaces, located within the medina and therefore with difficult access. Often hidden behind high walls, they have a charming central courtyard, with fountains or wells and rooms transformed into rooms maintaining their aesthetic and original charm. On its terraces you can relax after a hard day having a tea, or have breakfast with the singing and the company of the sparrows and swallows.

These establishments can be more or less luxurious but all have a common characteristic, the familiar and close treatment.

During your stay in Morocco, you can not miss the opportunity to enjoy these charming and magical establishments that take you back to the time of a thousand and one nights.


Hotel marrakech


We also have a large selection of hotels of different categories that we put at your disposal to offer you the ideal place to enjoy your days in our country.

French influence is marked in much of the country, including hotels. They have all the comforts of European hotels with the plus of exoticism and the climate of the country


Hotel kasbahs


The Kasbahs are a set of traditional fortified houses of Berber origin that give rise to a citadel.

This type of construction is mainly found in southern Morocco, where its inhabitants were protected from intruders, sand storms and extreme temperatures in this area. Generally with a square plan, they are built with sun-dried adobe bricks making them blend with the environment. In general, the buildings have high walls, decorated on the outside and towers at the corners.

Many of these cozy buildings have been converted into accommodations for visitors.


Campamento desierto


The hotels of the thousand stars are camps in the Sahara desert composed of several haimas or shops built in the traditional Berber way.

A dinner under the celestial dome will remind us of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Memories of Africa and the sound of drums in the light of the fire will make a magical night of the moment. The experience of spending a night in one of these camps is something that is recorded in the memory for a long time.

In the higher category camps the bathrooms are private and the rooms have nothing to envy to a hotel but we must not forget that we are in the middle of the desert.

Hostels and rural houses

Casa rural


It is a type of tourist accommodation intended mainly for collective group accommodation. They were designed to promote rural tourism and are usually found in towns located in environments rich in culture and landscape, ideal for hiking, trekking, etc. They have the basic amenities such as mats, blankets and the bathroom is usually shared.

Apartaments and private homes

For longer stays we also offer private and private houses or apartments that can provide you with greater comfort and privacy.

If you want to immerse yourself in Moroccan life, one of the possible options is to stay with a Berber family sharing their life and customs for a few days.

Rental of motorhomes



Morocco is a country traveled by mountains and with 1800 km of coastline, forming wonderful landscapes in which to lose yourself. The last of the options we propose is to enjoy a few days at your leisure exploring this wonderful country and let yourself be surprised by the way.